Dutchess County Watersheds

A watershed is the area of land united by the flow of water that drains to a common low point. The network of drainage pathways may be underground or on the surface. Generally, these pathways converge into a stream or river system and may include lakes, ponds, wetlands, and other water bodies. Smaller watersheds can be nested within larger watersheds. Everyone Lives in a Watershed!

Dutchess County has four major watersheds that fall completely within the County. These are: the Hudson River Direct Drainage, the Wappinger Creek, the Fishkill Creek, and the Tenmile River. Parts of the Croton and Roeliff Jansen Kill Watersheds also fall within Dutchess County.

Find information on what a watershed is and the four major watersheds located within Dutchess County. In partnership with Vassar College, the CCEDC Environment Program developed and now maintains a rich community website, with information & resources on watershed protection: www.dutchesswatersheds.org