Green Infrastructure Forum

On Wednesday, March 26th 2013, CCE Dutchess and the Dutchess County Environmental Management Council (EMC) led a forum entitled Green Infrastructure Basics: Managing Stormwater Onsite.

Green infrastructure practices maintain or restore stormwater's natural flow pattern by allowing water to slowly permeate the ground. Current state regulations require that green infrastructure practices be considered to treat as much stormwater as possible from new construction. Municipal officials play an important role in making land use decisions that impact our local water resources and enforcing these regulations.

The forum introduced the new Greenway Guide on Green Infrastructure, provided a basic overview of green infrastructure practices and included information on incorporating green infrastructure into the site plan review and design process and the challenges municipalities may face related to inspection and maintenance.

Presentations included:

Resources included:

The video recording of the presentations can be seen below:

CCE Dutchess - Green Infrastructure Forum from Hudson Estuary Resilience on Vimeo.