GIS Volunteer Program

Individuals who wish to extend their knowledge of GIS, educate members of their communities about GIS, or provide GIS project assistance to the GIS Lab can apply to enroll in CCEDC’s two GIS volunteer programs listed below. Click the titles for full position descriptions.

GIS Community Volunteer

Provide support to the CCEDC Environment and Energy Program GIS Lab and Senior GIS Resource Educator primarily in the areas of a) providing GIS demonstrations at the GIS Lab or municipal or community events, and b) assisting in training new volunteers.

GIS Resource Volunteer

Help extend the reach of the CCEDC Environment and Energy Program’s Senior GIS Resource Educator in increasing the GIS knowledge of Dutchess County municipal and conservation groups and increasing their ability to use GIS tools for natural resource planning and environmental protection. In addition to helping provide GIS outreach and education, GIS Resource Volunteers help complete GIS mapping projects, under the guidance of the CCEDC Senior GIS Resource Educator.

Enrolled volunteers in either program receive training and experience while performing community service. If you are interested in learning more about becoming an enrolled CCEDC GIS Volunteer, email or call Neil Curri at 677-8223 ext. 148.

If you do not wish to enroll in the volunteer program, consider getting involved in the GIS Special Interest Group, a group of Dutchess County residents, volunteers and municipal leaders interested in learning more about GIS topics and techniques.