Financial Literacy for Adults in Transition (FLEAT)

What is the Financial Literacy Education to Adults in Transition Program

Our Family and Consumer Education Program was fortunate to receive a grant from the United Way to deliver financial literacy education to adults in transition (FLEAT) which is currently going on. Using research-based curricula and adult learning and teaching styles we are teaching adults in transition and staff from agencies, who could educate their clients on the workshop topics. These topics included defining and determining values, identifying needs versus wants, basic budgeting, building credit and reducing debt, establishing checking and savings accounts and understanding the influence marketing and media have on their purchases. Our goal for this particular program was to empower the clients and caseworkers with financial literacy so they could improve the quality of their lives. Each adult received a toolkit, certificate of completion of the program and resources to support the topics that were taught and programs that were available in Dutchess County. As a result of this grant, we were able to provide services to a segment of our county in an area of our program that received a devastating cut in the past.

Participant Quotes

“It helped me to pay more attention to my spending and the importance of budgeting.”

“Helped me with getting info on debt and credit report.”

“Organize finances, budget, ways to save, how to spend less.”

“To be more mindful of my spending and savings.”