Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY)

What is the Financial Literacy for Youth Program?

The Financial Literacy for Youth Program was developed by Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Family and Consumer Education Program in collaboration with The United Way of the Dutchess and Orange Region. The FLY program has been designed to provide financial literacy education to youth aged 13-18, as a means to enhance their financial well-being into adulthood. Each participant is given a FLY tool kit to use throughout the educational series. At the end of the program, participants receive a graduation certificate and are able to keep their FLY tool kits for future use.

FLY Topics include:

The Financial Literacy for Youth (FLY) program has reached 650 youth in Dutchess County since 2011. These youth include students from Webutuck Middle and High Schools, Dover Middle School, Pawling Middle School, Arlington Middle School, Poughkeepsie Middle School and Rombout Middle School. Additional youth have been reached through the Teen Resource Activity Centes’s Workplace Readiness Program in the City of Poughkeepsie.

The FLY team is happy to announce that with the continued support of The United Way of the Dutchess and Orange Region, we will be working with Orange County Cooperative Extension’s Financial Management Program to expand FLY programming to Orange County youth in the 2013-2014 program year.

Participant Quotes:

“My students were extremely excited to take home the budget goal exercise. Many said that they wanted to let their parents use the form. They have also referenced checks and banking during other class discussions. They have looked forward to receiving their folders to take home.”

“We learned how to save up money for needs and wants…it was cool because I got to see how much money I would have to save each day if I want to buy a car when I am 16. I think that it was good that we were learning about credit and real-world stuff.”

“I like to talk about things about life. It really helps you out in the world. I learned how to write a check and all about expenses.”

“I enjoyed all of the activities because I learned something new every time I walked into this class and was honored to participate.”

“What I enjoyed was having actual conversations and playing games that helped us understand more about financial literacy. I liked everything we did, especially the advertisement activity.”

“I showed my mom how to fill out a check, she was proud of me.”

“I enjoyed learning about the SMART steps from FLY. It helped me realize that that you could save up for almost anything. I used this process to find out that if I wanted a top of the line hockey stick that cost $220, I would have to save up fifty-six cents a day until next fall. That means this is a realistic idea.”

“I liked learning about everything. I liked learning how to fill out checks and keep your bank account organized because I was always scared I would never learn how.”

“What I enjoyed learning most was how to balance my money between food, bills, mortgage, etc. Also, learning about attainable goals was a fun experience.”

Parent/Caregiver Quotes:

“Thank you for taking the time to work with these young students and future consumers. These lessons are so very important and I know Matthew has learned a great deal.”

“Conner has become more aware of how much it costs to run a household.”

“Anthony has begun to save his own earnings and calculates how long it will take to save up for the things he wants to buy”

“When I go to the ATM, Dana has been writing the transaction in my checkbook register for me and has taken an interest by asking questions.”

“Daniel has demonstrated improved saving habits when he receives his allowance. He has also made better decisions while setting a long term goal for a future purchase.”