Eat Smart New York

This program is provided in cooperation with Dutchess County Department of Community and Family Services. Funding for this program originates from the federal level, and targets youth and families through out Dutchess County. We make extra special effort to reach special populations such as Hispanic, Senior Citizens, and disabled persons, among others. The program is focused on individuals or families that receive SNAP benefits as a means of reaching those most in need.

Participants in Eat Smart New York programs receive group nutrition education via a series of lessons or one-time classes provided by nutrition educators. We also provide on-going group classes for agencies and organizations whose clients are eligible to participate in our programs.

Evaluation and education activities are performed by Nutrition Program Educators with oversight by a Registered Dietitian. Specific assessment and documentation tools have been prepared and are used to analyze a person’s or family’s diets and determine areas most in need of education. Lesson plans and curricula have been prepared for specific audiences and specific topics by various qualified organizations across the nation.

Topics are individualized for the participant(s) based on an assessment of their knowledge and needs. Topics may include:

Referring a Client to NIP If you are interested in learning more please feel free to print up a NIP Brochure and/or referral document.