Stories from the Community

See what positive changes our participants are making as a result of the Eat Smart New York! Nutrition Information Program

“I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to work with a very successful 45 year old single male who set a goal to learn healthier eating habits and stop his continual weight gain. He attended the entire Lesson series. His attendance was regular with few cancellations. He enjoyed the cooking exercises and the product of his cooking; we used a crock pot for one of the recipes. Some of the changes he made throughout the lessons were cutting down on portion sizes, consistently not cooking with salt, changing from whole milk to 2% milk, and returning to exercise after recovering from a serious ankle accident. He lost 10 pounds and was able to share what he learned and encourage friends of his to participate and they ended up joining our program too!”

“Rosa” is a mother is three who is battling obesity. Two of her three children are overweight. Rosa came to us hoping she can make a change in her family’s life style. After meeting a few times I can see that Rosa was very committed. We had little to no barriers as she went through the program. Rosa was able to make all the changes in her lifestyle. She was able to plan her meals and stick to it, change to whole grains, low fat, low sugar, and even buy store brand foods to save some extra money. They were also able to become more physically active as a whole family. It is to me a great success that this family has been able to change with such ease. For Rosa, her family’s health and her own was more important to her than anything else. That is why the changes were so easy for them to make as a whole.”

“I had a very successful experience with a group of women who attend a program through an agency that I have a long standing relationship with. In our nutrition program, it is very important we that we build a rapport with our clients based on trust. My challenge was to gain this trust from a group of women who did not trust a lot of people in their lives. Also, food and nutrition can be very sensitive topics to teach. People have very strong opinions on these subjects. Therefore, it was important to let them see my research based point of view. As the weeks progressed, they slowly began to understand what I was teaching and actually started to make very simple lifestyle changes. The key was that they understood the principals behind the value of these changes, and they were then able to make changes that they could live with.”