Youth Programs

This New York State Department of Health-funded program focusing on preventing childhood obesity among children aged 2-12 and their families. It emphasizes the benefits of fruits and vegetables, low fat and non-fat milk, as well as age appropriate exercise. This project emphasizes the facilitation of Systems and Environmental Change in schools, communities and other situations where young children and their families eat, play, work and reside. By changing the way we do things and how environments are arranged, we can decrease a child’s risk for developing obesity.

Childhood Obesity is a major public health problem in New York State. One in five New York State children are overweight. Nearly 1/3 of New York’s school children are overweight and the percentage of overweight children and youth has doubled since 1980. If parents are overweight, their children are more likely to become overweight. Obese children are twice as likely to have hypertension and elevated cholesterol and are at a greater risk for diabetes. Poor nutrition and inadequate physical activity combined are the second most preventable cause of death in the USA.