Green Teen Community Gardening Program

The Green Teen program empowers urban youth to be effective community change-agents by immersing them in the local food system. This youth development program teaches life and work skills through hands-on experiences in farming and gardening, health and nutrition, entrepreneurship, and leadership.
During the school year, Green Teen holds local programs both during and after school where participants grow plants and vegetables in their classrooms, on farms, and in community gardens.

During the Spring Program we work with Beacon teens after school exploring various aspects of the food system. Green Teens work in our garden, take trips to local farms and each work on their own photography project. The photos are featured in a photography show in June each year.

During the Summer Program, Green Teen works with teens in Beacon to grow vegetables, learn culinary skills, and help one of our partnering farms, Common Ground, deliver produce within the Beacon community through our mobile market- Common Greens.

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